Let’s answer that simple yet challenging question: what if?

What if you didn’t have to feel isolated in your role? What if someone had your back? Someone who could help identify what you’re great at and put those skills into effect. That’s what your Catalyst Coach is.

From asking what if to thinking how can I? Not only will you start to imagine more for yourself, but you’ll develop the ability to take action and realise your greatest potential.

The Catalyst Coaching difference: understand what really makes you, you.

Many programmes use psychometric assessments as an aid to your professional development. But what really makes Catalyst Coaching different is that we go much deeper by utilising the CliftonStrengths Assessment as your personal blueprint.

Your unique combination of strengths at talents is like a genetic code. We use these characteristics to tailor a personal development strategy which will leverage your motivations to help you achieve – and often exceed – your ambitions. Why just be a clone of your colleagues or peers, when you can be your best you.

John Obidipe, an e2grow and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Meet John, your Catalyst coach

John is an e2grow and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach who enables teams and individuals to recognise their strengths, helping people to become the best version of themselves in both personal and professional capacities.

Using his extensive change management experience and the Clifton Strengths assessment, John works with executives, leaders and professionals at all levels to develop growth, confidence, problem solving skills as well as navigating change.

Discover your inner spark

We have created four distinct, goal-oriented programmes which act as the foundation for your Catalyst Coaching journey. Each programme –and outcome– will of course be unique to you.

Find my programme

Find a programme that suits your goals

Included with every programme, you’ll have access to your own personalised dashboard and tool kits that are custom-created to help you get the most from your development journey.

Bespoke, more informal sessions can be introduced, which may include pre-event sessions, post-event evaluations, speech coaching, brainstorms or relaxed meet-ups to simply talk through pressing thoughts or feelings.

Limitless Leadership Coaching Programme

A bespoke programme for those in Senior Leadership

The Limetless Leadership programme

This one’s for the fearless, for the dreamers, for those who’s ambitions know no bounds. There is no preconceived agenda, each week we focus on whatever needs your attention, be it formulating a vision, developing your personal brand, to navigating professional and personal obstacles. The programme duration can be tailored to your goals.

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Become the bold, inspiring leader you are

The Audacious Leadership Programme

We answer the question “what can you be bold about” and “how can you articulate that effectively.” Over sixteen weeks we translate that into a strategy and behaviours, so you can push into new territories and lead your team with confidence and clarity.

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Personal training sessions for your mind

The Confidence Connection programme

There are points in our career where we can get a little stuck. You know there is potential on the inside but perhaps you’re mentally holding yourself back. In just twelve weeks, we build confidence foundations, then move on to establishing how to think, feel and communicate with unwavering confidence.

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Level-up your team

the Connected Team programme

We start by assessing the team context to understand the journey you and your team have taken to date, and the challenges they face ongoing. Dedicated one-to-one and team sessions will then identify individual and collective strengths, culminating in a manager-coach debrief. This programme is supported with ongoing monthly coaching sessions.

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When we say we’re with you every step of the way, we mean it.

We understand that some things may play on your mind and simply can’t wait until your next coaching session – so our With You Message Support means we can exchange thoughts via video message, SMS, WhatsApp or email in between meet-ups.


Don’t just take our word for it

"John and I have worked together for over a year now and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to better themselves professionally. John’s knowledge of the industry, coupled with his passion for developing people makes him perfectly positioned to upskill individuals who are keen to learn and develop. He exudes professionalism and is a clear and concise communicator. Patience underpins every session with John which makes for a fun and comfortable way of learning"

Harrison Bristowe, Partner, Investigo